Our Values & Vision:!

We are a charitable organisation with an aim to create opportunities for youths by focusing on traits, manners and behaviours through our impact development program to ensure they get to experience.

  • Compassion
  • Optimism
  • Empathy
  • Determination
  • Gratitude
  • Respect
  • Sociable
  • Generosity
  • Integrity
  • Confidence!

We hope to alleviate depression, stress and anxiety by joining community development program organised by Lisa Pang Foundation Ltd as this will deter them from negative influences. We are a unique education institute as we deal with a lot of public services. We aim to serve family and children because we are youth activists who want to empower young people and young adults to form the future of global minds and give opportunities to them globally. We wish to bridge generations and offer a helping hand around the world while maintaining peace and harmony through kindness and caring.

Have you eaten rice yet?™️ is universal and pro-equality so it is free from bigotry, discrimination and racism. All the donations in kind and monetary applied to our mission of helping youngsters and young adults to embrace a culture of kindness and compassion around the world.

About Have you eaten rice yet?™️

Have you eaten rice yet?™️ is a charity campaign where youngsters participate in meaningful projects and activities to help improve their traits, manners and behaviours. Have you eaten rice yet?™️ embrace kindness through spreading a sharing and caring culture.!


The objective is to have appropriate, polite and considerate behaviours. This enables them to have good manners and be socially attentive as they grow older. They are learnt to express gratitude through actions of contributing to society.! !

Taking Action

During the activity, the LPIP youngsters use positive words and actions which help them better regulate emotions through goodness and build healthy relationships, friendships and form a sense of community.! Youngsters engage in LPIP activities where they discuss and interact with different people from all walks of life. Through the conversions, they connect and understand by asking questions, clarify what is said for example a peer, older buddy or adult.!


Good manners, traits and behaviours build bonds and create a positive environment in society. Youngsters become more pro-social and this all-in-all contributes to a culture of kindness